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It's All About The Money - or is it?

Tools for financial breakthroughs

Is this You?...

-  Making good money but don't know how to make money work for you

-  Spending money on things that give you temporary happiness rather than on decisions to ensure your financial success

-  Worried that you will be working forever


-  Supporting loved ones at the expense of your own finances

-  Seeking long-term freedom and flexibility

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Do you Want


Control your time

Pursue your passions and life goals


Be who you are

Help others

Live a healthier lifestyle?

"Most money problems are rarely just about money."

- Anna Paul, CFP®


"In a capitalist society, money is not just money. Money is power. Money is the power to leave relationships that don't work for you, to leave jobs that you hate, to buy a home and to start a business." - Sallie Krawcheck


How many times have you heard people say "money can’t solve your problems?"

Although money can’t solve all of our problems, this belief isn't true.

Money can and DOES solve many problems, but...

​ it's not all about the money.

Many people have the income needed to reach their goals. However, they just haven’t addressed the emotional issues that lead to compulsive buying, overspending, accumulating debt, and neglecting finances.

The greatest level of freedom is the freedom to be yourself and own your time. You can achieve this through financial freedom.


Enjoying Nature

   Our mission is to inspire women to leverage the power of financial freedom to live life on their own terms.

See how we're helping 100's of women experience financial freedom.

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Hello! I'm Anna Paul and I am a financial coach, writer, Certified Financial Planner ®, and passionate speaker.

I founded AP Financial Consulting to help women who struggle with managing and growing their money learn how they are currently relating to their money on an emotional level so that they can tackle the real issues and build wealth.

I have about a decade of experience working through countless financial challenges with clients. As a result, my clients have collectively been able to increase their income, save more and focus on their passions, spend more time with their families and move forward with greater awareness and understanding about their relationship with money. 


Anna Paul

Anna Paul, CFP®



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